Valley View Bible Church Academy

Valley View Bible Church & Christian School

Our Sunday School and Morning Service have a fully staffed nursery. We also have a children’s church ministry from age 2 to 9 year old.

Bible Church & Christian School

Our 11:00 a.m. morning service combines traditional and contemporary worship songs for our inspiration time of worship. Our pastors preach expositionally (verse by verse) through the Bible, striving to give the “sense” of the Scriptures with relevant and practical application. We are firm believers the Reformation principle of “Sola Scriptura,” “Scripture Alone.” It is our authority and the final arbitrator of truth. Like Martin Luther we believe that the ministry of the Word of God must always be the centerpiece of Christian worship: “Therefore when God’s Word is not preached, one had better neither sing nor read, or even come together… We can spare everything except the Word.” – Martin Luther